First Online International Do Seminar

Hoe kan ik mezelf registreren voor dit seminar?

Ga naar  ITF-BOOKS.COM om jezelf te registreren voor het online seminar.
Inschrijven kan tot 19 April.

Wat is de datum en de tijd voor het online seminar?
24 April, 1 Mei en 8 Mei 2021.
16:00-18:00 uur.

In welke taal zal het seminar worden gegeven?

Wat zijn de kosten?
30,- euro voor het gehele seminar (3x een 2 uur durende serie in een periode van 3 weken).

  • ITF board members en ITF Committee Chairpersons kunnen waarschijnlijk gratis meedoen. Contact hiervoor:

Voor wie is het online seminar?

Het online seminar is voor alle Taekwon-Do beoefenaars die geinresseerd zijn in de DO, de gehele filosofie en het lesgeven van de DO

Het seminar is open voor alle ITF Taekwon-Do leden vanaf rode band en hoger en 16 jaar en ouder.

Kan ik vragen stellen op het online seminar? 
Er is een mogelijkheid om na elk deel van het online seminar een vraag te stellen.

Is er een examen nodig voor dit online seminar?

Krijg ik een aftekening of document van het online seminar?
Nee, maar je zult de DO beter begrijpen. Dit kun je ook doorgeven aan de leden. Er zullen heel veel verschillende onderwerpen worden behandeld. Lees hieronder meer.

Waar gaat het seminar over?
Lees hieronder alle informatie verstuurd vanuit de organisatie (engels):

Part 1: Topics – Moral culture and TKD; Origin and meaning of the word “DO”; the Tenets of TKD; Student’s Oath; Connecting Do to moral culture, tenets, oath, and goal of TKD; Stages of moral development; Psychology of human behaviour; Self-control (what it is and why it matters; how to develop better self-control; how to teach self-control to TKD students; applications in dojang and daily life).

Part 2: Topics – Courtesy (what it is and why it matters; how to become more courteous; how to teach courtesy to TKD students; applications in dojang and daily life); Integrity (what it is and why it matters; how to develop and maintain integrity; how to teach integrity to TKD students; applications in dojang and daily life); Ethical/moral decision making (how to resolve dilemmas / conflicts between tenets of TKD).

Part 3: Topics – Perseverance (what it is and why it matters; how to develop and strengthen perseverance; how to teach perseverance to TKD students; applications in dojang and daily life); Motivation and goal-setting (how to set effective goals in TKD and life); Indomitable spirit (what it is and why it matters; how to develop an indomitable spirit; how to teach indomitable spirit to TKD students; applications in dojang and daily life); Integration of Do teaching into regular TKD classes (general guideline and tips).

Why should I seriously consider registering for the seminar?

In his last publication, Moral Guide Book (2000), General Choi wrote: “…the only way one can truly achieve the status as a man of Taekwon-Do is to go beyond the technical aspect and establish a lifestyle based on a solid code of morality.” (p. 9). For him, physical and moral training were two indivisible parts of the study of Taekwon-Do. Without the emphasis on moral development, Taekwon-Do is just a sport, not a martial art. The true nature and spirit of a martial art is in the learning and teaching of the Do, i.e., the “way”, the “right way” as General Choi calls it. For him, the “right away” is the “way paved by the saints and wise people of the past.”

Furthermore, teaching the Do is good for business. With so many businesses competing for the customer’s money and attention, each business has to work hard to set itself apart from its competitors. Those instructors who are able to teach the Do effectively and provide moral training in addition to physical training have a competitive edge on their business competitors. They can offer a product that is unique, needed, demanded, and better than the competition. This means that they can attract more students in their dojang.

Will there be physical activities during the seminar?
There will be opportunities for some physical activities during the seminar. Those will be used to experience the Do in Taekwon-Do. In addition, video clips and live demonstrations will be used to show how to apply many practical strategies for developing and teaching the Tenets of Taekwon-Do.

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