Statement Russische deelname ITF activiteiten

Lees hieronder de statement van I.T.F. Nederland m.b.t. de invasie van Oekraïne door Rusland:

I.T.F. Taekwon-Do shouldn’t be about politics, but the Russian invasion of Ukraine changed this. One line of the student’s oath says ‘I shall build a more peaceful world’.

I.T.F. Netherlands strongly condemns the invasion of Russia and will therefore not allow Russia on any activities organized by ITF Netherlands until this matter is sorted out in a peaceful way. Also, I.T.F. Netherlands will not be entering the European Championships held in Poreč, Croatia if the Russian team is allowed to enter.

We would like to make clear that this statement is made because of actions taken by the Russian government. It will affect also people that have nothing to do with their decision to invade Ukraine. We are well aware of this, but we have made this decision for the greater good.

Hopefully the Russian government will decide to leave Ukraine soon before there are more lives ruined and sports can be politically neutral again.

For everybody that is affected by this invasion; be strong and stay safe!