Verslag Solovey Seminar (in English)

Two days of awesomeness with Katya and Oleg Solovey in Amsterdam. If you weren’t there, you seriously missed out!

Before the summer we had Master Jedut over. His seminar was all about movement, so it was beautiful to see the Solovey’s interpretation of movement and compare notes.

On Saturday they treated us to three sessions of beautiful ITF Taekwon-Do sparring. We got a glimpse of how they build their speed, link up punches and kicks, setting everything up from fast and efficient footwork, body balance, spot-on technical work and timing.

It was nice to hear they thought the level was good – and the junior females stood out!

On Sunday we went back to basics: a group of (young) colored belts got to experience what it’s like to train with such top notch instructors. Think about it: when most of us were that young, such opportunities were almost non-existent! A group of little green belts were repeatedly applauded by Katya for the way they picked up on the material, great job boys and girls! Quote of the day (one of the young green belt girls): “Yeah, maybe I’d like to go train in their dojang, is it far away on the bike, Mommy?”

In the afternoon session we dove deeper into the Solovey machinery: why the incredible stuff they do works – and how. It sounded really simple when they explained it, but getting all the pieces of the puzzle in the right place takes some more training then a weekend! Next year they’ll host another legendary camp in the Ukraine. If you can, GO!

We thank Sabums Katya and Oleg for this wonderful seminar. They are great people and we also had a lot of fun outside of the training hall – and you rode your bikes like true Amsterdammers.

Thank you all who joined us, you were a wonderful group!

P.S.: if you want to see some bonus material (hint: team pattern!), check out Snapchat (ITFNL) and Instagram (@itfnederland)